The 33 Kannon Pilgrimage route in Saikoku (Western Japan) is a Japanese traditional sight-seeing tour course.

The Saikoku Kannon Pilgrimage sites are well-known in Western Japan. However, many people in other areas don’t know much about this. Naturally, albeit unfortunately, almost people overseas would have little, if any, knowledge of them. The Saikoku Kannon Pilgrimage is a well-organized pilgrimage route that doubles as a sight-seeing tour of famous Japanese sites. By spreading information about this pilgrimage tour, we believe that our activities will be a motivating force to help bring many tourists to Japan.

Goshuincho for the 1300th Anniversary of the 33 Kannon Pilgrimage sites in Saikoku (Western Japan)

The world’s first Goshuincho with photos that appear under the illumination of a UV light

We, Team Can, hereby designed and produced this Goshuincho* especially for foreign tourists. These days “Goshuin Girls”, who collect Goshuin -- special temple stamps with calligraphy ? have increased their popularity and thereby many Goshuincho are being sold in various designs. Our Goshuincho has the following unique features that you will not have seen before. * Goshuincho is a notebook for collecting Goshuin stamps.

1.It has a wealth of useful information written in Japanese and English.
2.It has photo explanations on the method of worship at temples and shrines.
3.The pages are specially printed with a patented printing technique to add more added value as a Japanese souvenir.

Goshuincho can be a reason to visit Japan again

It is difficult for foreign tourists to visit so many temples out of 33 pilgrimage sites in one visit. Furthermore, it is rare for such visitors to go to temples for religious purposes. However, if you can visit even one temple and get a Goshuin, it can be a great experience and an unforgettable memory of Japan. The beautiful calligraphy and red stamp of temples attracts foreign people and helps promote the further desire to collect Goshuin stamps. On the blank pages, you can see beautiful photos of Japan by illuminating them with the UV light included with the book. After your trip to Japan, you can enjoy them with your family and friends while sharing your memories of your travel. We would be very pleased if, when you recollect your time in Japan, you feel like you would like to visit again.

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About Team Can

Team Can was established with the mission of “Introducing wonderful elements of Japan to the world”. We started it in order for overseas people to get to know Japanese traditions and culture. As the first step in our mission, we have developed “Goshuincho (a notebook) for the 33 Kannon Pilgrimage sites in Saikoku (Western Japan)” for inbound tourists. Team Can will develop more tools to help bring in as many tourists to Japan as possible. Goshuincho has the role of being a good luck charm, and by visiting temples with it, you will come back to Japan again to collect more Goshuin of temple stamps. Even if you visit Japan many times, we are sure that you will be able to discover things because Japan always has more hidden historical and cultural assets.